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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tree Eyes

The trees on the Main Road have opened wide eyes. It is their way of letting us know that they watch us everyday, as we expend a lot of energy fooling around without purpose, appearing to be busy as we carry plastic bags full of non-sense shopping… The trees grow out of concrete and suffer the offence of cars, the noise of the tram, the whip of the power lines, the whole spectacle of a busy road… They would like to be somewhere else, part of a quiet forest, but cannot leave. They have resigned to open wide eyes, to let us know that they keep watch. A zany Romanian artist named Tzuculescu, spent years of his life painting mysterious wide-eyed trees. From the afterlife, he is still watching through the eyes of his trees.
Photo above: Egyptian tree goddess
Photo below: Black Forest Teutonic tree god

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