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Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Religion

I am an Orthodox Christian. But I am also a bit of a Taoist. But then again, I am a convinced Buddhist. I could not be whole without confessing that I am a Muslim to my heart. But my hidden, true felt calling is towards Judaism. My pride is that I am an Atheist. I could not look around me, without being a Pantheist. After all, and to the exclusion of all other belief systems, my creed is the brotherhood of Man. Or just I AM.
Photo: West Beach, Adelaide

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  1. I totally relate to you and your way of being. My religion is seeking Wisdom, wherever I can find it, which is to say, everywhere. I also share teaching eatern martial arts, from the philosophical holistic approach: Tai Chi and Archery and associated martial disciplines, as Qigong and Luohan Gong.

    Be well!

    Ben Serpas