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Sunday, July 12, 2009


The highest form of evolution are the Trees. They stand all day long in meditation, while we run around like crazy. They have developed the science of transforming water and minerals from the Earth, together with light from the Sun, into pure energy; those that live for many centuries are the record keepers of Nature. They have mastered the power of the circle and that of the vertical line. Rightly, the Chinese call their meditation art: “standing like a tree”. In their wisdom, they attune to the flow of the seasons: in winter they rest; their leaves paint the colour symphonies of autumn and as they fall to the ground, turn into fertile soil; in summer, they bear fruit; they bring the joy of flowers in spring; and all throughout, they are the lungs of the planet; they gift us their fruit, seed and nuts; and once they die, they are still of great use as wood for fire; they have been shaped into homes and furniture, bridges and ships. They exist for being of service; they have created the living environment for all the Earthly creatures. There is no other being more humble, yet no greater magician and alchemist, than the Tree. The Buddha has learned the art of meditation from a Tree.

Photo: Ficus trees, Adelaide, South Australia

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  1. Trees are powerful intelligent beings. They are in acceptance of every aspect of their life and are happy. I do Light Axis Healing Meditations to help me to be still and happy as a tree. Namaste.